Tips for RV Camping

By on November 23, 2013

RV camping or tent trailer camping can be a wonderful way to get out and travel! If buying an RV isn’t in your budget, there are a number of rental dealerships located throughout the country and some even offer financing for the renter. Although gas mileage isn’t, exactly the best, it is still a great way to get out and save some money, too. Here are some great tips to help make the most of your next outdoor adventure.

A campsite in Tralee, Ireland, with Campers an...

A campsite in Tralee, Ireland, with Campers and Caravans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First, use the storage space wisely. Make sure that the load is balanced throughout. This will help gas efficiency and all over performance. Keep you items secured to avoid accidents and loss.

Next, stock up on supplies before you go. Having an RV or tent trailer means that you can cook for yourself and eat healthy, too. Aside from hotel and campground fees, going out to eat all the time on vacation is a sure way of spending up your cash, fast. Plan your meals for each day. Write a menu out, if that helps.  Doing your own cooking can be a big saver while RV camping.

Most camping vehicles use propane for cooking and cooling the refrigerator, as well as, heating, so keep your tanks full and safely stored. This way you are ready to go, no matter where you are parked. In addition, most campers have a back up generator that is charged when the engine is running, so if you need electricity, keep you generator fully charged.

If you can do this, then staying in an RV park or campground isn’t even necessary. Fishing accesses and state land are available all over the country and you can stay there for free for up to 14 days. How’s that for cheap? If you can find one that has bathroom facilities, even better.

If you must use the toilet inside the RV, just know that the sewage must be regularly emptied, as well as the gray water tank. Often, RV campgrounds will let you dispose of this waste, for a fee. Some truck stops offer this service, too.

English: A Class A motorhome with the slide-ou...

English: A Class A motorhome with the slide-out extended (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If electricity and sewage hookup is your desire, RV parks and some tent campgrounds offer both and are plentiful and easy to find. In the case that you need to park in an urban area for the night, look for grocery stores and other large box stores in the area and ask the manager about their policy. Many have electrical outlets on the lamp posts and are happy to lets travelers plug in and park for the night.

Employing these simple tips can get you out enjoying the open road for a long time without over extending your budget.

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