7 Fresh Outdoor Seating Ideas for the Stylish Homeowner

By on January 30, 2014
English: Outdoor seating at Michelham Priory

English: Outdoor seating at Michelham Priory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Regardless of how lovely your home is on the inside, it is the outside that greets people when they come to your home. Therefore it is always a good idea to invest in outdoor seating. Using different chairs, matching sofa sets, tables, and decorative pieces, you can turn your drab patio or backyard into the perfect outdoor meeting spot. If this inspires you to create an outdoor dining room or seating area, here are ten ideas that will make your home the talk of the block.

  1. A Wooden Theme – Nothing can be more outdoorsy than wooden outdoor seating. Everything you use on your patio will be made of wood, including the lamp shades. You can add a touch of rock to the theme to make it more rustic.
  2. With Landscaping – If you’re blessed with a green thumb and a sense of design or can afford a landscaping service provider, consider combining your seating area with greenery. You can also throw in a few fairy lights around your trees and bushes to make the area stand out.
  3. The Formal Touch for you outdoor seating – If your indoors are immaculate and you enjoy a formal setting, you can reflect that in your outdoors. With the help of a wooden table set, marble countertop and white candles, you can create a formal yet stylish setting for everyone to enjoy.
  4. The Simple and Compact Table – One of the purposes of outdoor seating is to enjoy dinner outdoors and enjoy the greenery of your backyard. If you can’t spend much, simply get a four-seat dining table and matching wooden seats. Throw in a nice table cloth and a vase filled with flowers and you have yourself an inexpensive yet beautiful seating area.
  5. The Modern Look – For those who pride themselves on being modern homeowners, this theme is definitely worth going for. Combine white sofas with a gray and black table set for a striking look. You can also add a garden umbrella and a matching lounge chair to give the outdoor seating area a more relaxed look.
  6. A Colonial Atmosphere – This theme is perfect for areas where winter is never snowy due to its airy and summer-like feel. Basically, it is marked by wooden tables and much greenery. You can ask your landscape designer or, if you’re a DIY person, the salesperson at the store for guidance. However, do a little research on your own beforehand.
  7. The Summer Evening Look – If your house overlooks the beach or a pool, this is the outdoor seating theme for you. Simply have small seating areas with wooden tables and white plush chairs. To accentuate the surroundings a little, add a few white candles in glass containers.

With these ideas nicely implemented in your patio or backyard, you are definitely going to be the object of everyone’s envy. To further make your outdoors stand out, consider implementing each of these outdoor seating themes depending on the seasons. However, only go for this option if you can afford it in terms of money or time.

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