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By on February 20, 2014
Cell Phone Holster for cell phone protection

Cell Phone Holster

Well, I think I have finally found the solution for my cell phone protection and carrying.  The full Otterbox or Survivor cases didn’t really cut it for me.  The actual phone covers were nice but the belt clip/holsters for both are worthless.  Neither belt carrier lasted more than a month before it broke, to say nothing of them not being user friendly.  I do prefer the Otterbox Defender case over the Griffin Survivor, at least for the portion that is on the cell phone.

I was talking to a salesman at one of the multitude of cell phone stores and he mentioned that I should be able to find a holster/carrying case that would hold the Samsung SIII in the Otterbox Defender.  He of course didn’t have any for me to look at.

With a couple minutes searching on Amazon I located several possibilities.  I knew I did’t want one with velcro on the closure.  A magnetic closure is much quieter.  I settled on this case for carrying the SIII, it’s well reviewed and including shipping it was still less than $6.00.  The fact that it came with a cell antenna and radiation shield did help the selection, although I don’t put much faith in either one.  In fact, I put the Otterbox back on the phone before putting the cell antenna one, and I’m not certain I’ll take it off just in the off chance it helps.

I did put the Otterbox Defender back on the phone and it fits nicely in the holster.  I feel this gives me the best cell phone protection.  The holster fits snugly on the belt and even has a couple belt loops for added security if desired.  And the Otterbox case protects the phone when I remove it to use it.

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