What should I look for in Snow Gaiters

By on April 7, 2015
Green pair of snow gaiters

Green pair of snow gaiters

If you are an outdoor lover and look forward to spending time on the snow, snow gaiters are a must-buy. Whether it’s simply walking on the snow, enjoying sports like hiking, trekking and skiing, or exploring the snow laden peaks, these gaiters are a great way of protecting you against the extreme weather. Since even the most quality waterproof boots can let snow, dirt and water sneak in, investing in good quality leg gaiters is a wise decision. By giving you complete foot and leg protection from the elements, these gaiters can let you enjoy your trips to the optimum. Below you have get experts tips to help you buy the right product:

  • Chose the type: While alpine gaiters are ideal for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, hiking and mountaineering, those planning to embark on extended mountaineering trips in severe conditions should opt for expedition gaiters. For protection against light rain, grit and rocks during your mild-weather excursions, you can invest in trail gaiters. Therefore, consider the kind of trips you are planning and take note of the probable weather conditions to select the right type of gaiters & dress for snow gaiters.
  • Chose the height: From high cut waterproof gaiters (for overall coverage against snow) to low cut gaiters (for protection from dirt and grime) and compatible gaiters (which are compatible with your walking boots), you have a wide variety to choose from. Decide the terrain you will travel to and your purpose before taking your pick.
  • Select the gaiter fabric: Whether you are looking for boot gaiters or running gaiters for your snow activities, you can find them made of synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon and cordura, which are ideal for short day hikes and offer protection from occasional nick as well as abrasion of rocks and ice.  Gore-Tex (which is windproof, waterproof and breathable), REI (waterproof and breathable), and Schoeller fabrics (that offer stretch, flexibility and outstanding weather protection) are other common gaiter materials. Since the right choice of fabrics will enhance the level of your gaiter performance, you should choose them wisely.
  • Ensure the right fit: Since the primary goal of buying gaiters is to protect your feet and legs from the elements and get the optimum seal around your boots, check your chosen one for a snug fit. Although available in various styles and sizes, most gaiters are aligned with a variety of boot sizes. Therefore, adjust the straps while trying on your gaiters to make sure that they fit well.
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