The brand new 4G Rugged Smartphone!

By on October 23, 2015

X Tel 9500 Rugged SmartphoneThe X-Tel 9500 is the newest kind of rugged Smartphone outdoor technology. With features you wouldn’t expect to find on 1 single phone, such as: Waterproof up to 2 meters, drop proof, a dual sim possibility and much more! Pretty amazing for a phone, this is the rugged outdoor Smartphone X-Tel 9500.

What is so special about this phone?

A rugged Smartphone is special but including this much applications really turns it into a Extreme adventures Smartphone. Couple of buttons are added onto the phone in comparison to the normal couple of buttons, such as: the End Call and Answer Call buttons as well as the SOS Panic Button in cases of emergency’s. The 4G Rugged Smartphone of Extreme Smartphone’s is 1 of the few phone’s including these buttons.

Further you’ll have choices out of more than a million applications on this rugged Smartphone. It offers various consumers, outdoors as well as business related applications. The X-Tel 9500 is a complete new rugged handheld Smartphone, it offers the opportunity to match on the outdoor, personal and professional needs.

On the road!

Wherever you go, even under the roughest circumstances take your Rugged X-Tel 9500 Smartphone with you. It’s perfect for active athletes, military, farmers, industrial workers and much more that demand the best. A rugged Smartphone designed to fit your active life.

Having a dual sim on the rugged X-Tel 9500 Smartphone means you’re able to use two different providers perfect for the hardworking people that like to keep private and work apart.

Including the 4G makes this phone a speedster on the internet with no delays. And we are not done yet the rugged Smartphone also has a Gorilla Glass 2.0, this means the screen of the Smartphone is sunlight readable, completely waterproof and much more, there is nothing better than this if your outdoors!

The X-Tel 9500 is next to being a perfect rugged Smartphone a true navigation system. It’s equipped with all necessities for navigating by either land or sea. Start traveling and discover a new world.

Want to share a tune loudly, start your own party with the 18mm 100DB (!) speaker processed into the phone!

There is much more to find about this brand new outdoor X-Tel 9500 4G rugged Smartphone.

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