Camping and Hiking tips for amateurs

By on May 28, 2014

Camping and hiking are not just a fun pastime, it is also a wonderful way to see nature, lose weight and tone up. In case you are in search of the best places to go camping in the world, some of them include The Australian Outback, Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, The Amazon and The Serengeti National Park. Below is a brief description on each of them:

Top 5 Places around the World Best Known for Camping

· The Australian Outback:

The Australian wildlife is one of the most gorgeous and breathtaking ones in the whole world and you are likely to come across some of the wildlife while you are out in the midst of the Australian desert.

· Niagara Falls:

It is located in Canada. A camping trip to the world’s most famous waterfalls would be an incredible experience, the Niagara Falls.

· The Grand Canyon:

It is not just among the best camping places in America. It is also one of the best ones worldwide. The terrain surrounding this famous landmark is ideal for any camper who enjoys challenges.

· Serengeti National Park:

It is located in Tanzania. It is known as one of the best national parks worldwide, and it allows you to camp in some of the world’s greatest landscapes.

· The Amazon:

It is located in South America. It is a great camping site in the midst of the Brazilian rainforest. There is also a great wildlife that is unique to this place.

Camping and hiking can be fun, but unexpected things can happen and the best way to help guarantee a great time for all is to carefully plan ahead and follow safety precautions. In case you are preparing to go for a hike or camping, here are some tips that will help you make the most of your escapade.

Be Prepared

· Before you leave, ensure you check the news for weather updates. Knowing what to expect for the coming days will enable you to pack light and pack right.

· Also, bring along a first aid kit. The contents of this kit will depend on your own personal condition, but you should have antiseptics, insect repellents, sunscreens and pain reliever.

· A map, flashlight, knife, compass and a whistle could also be of help.

· However, remember not to pack more than you can carry. A common mistake made by amateur hikers and campers is bringing along lots of extras including junk food, electronic devices and unnecessary items.

Always Drink Purified Water

· Even though carrying bottles of mineral water can be a hassle, it is safer than drinking directly from rivers, lakes, freshwater streams, or any other natural water source.

· In case you do not want to take mineral water, or you do not have any more left, be ready to filter water you can find in any nearby stream or any other natural water body.

· You can filter the water to eliminate microorganisms then boil it to remove bacteria.

· You can as well bring iodine tablets that easily dissolve in water, or portable water purifier.

Have At least One Companion

· It is much safer to camp or hike with at least one companion.

· If are going to a remote area, your group should have at least four people. This way, if one person gets hurt, another can stay with the victim and two others can go and reach out for help.

· In case you will be going to an area you are not familiar with, take along someone who knows the routes or at least consult those who have been there, before you set out.

Hopefully, the above hiking and camping tips for amateurs were of help to you. Just remember that the key to an enjoyable hiking or camping trip is proper preparation. On the same note, remember to get Turkish visas if you are planning your trip in Turkey or in any other destination that will need you to transit through Turkey.

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